About Me

Rosa Sophia

I am a full-time writer and editor.

In 2012, I earned my Associates Degree in Automotive Technology, and received a certificate for completing a class on Schematic Based Electrical Diagnostics. As a child, I often dreamed of toiling away in a garage, and I relished the scent of engine grease. I worked in a shop in Jupiter, Florida, before my diagnosis of trigeminal neuralgia began to limit what I could do. Air tools, loud noises, and other things I enjoyed became more painful.

In 2013, I studied with Jay Parini at the Key West Literary Seminar. In 2015, I studied with Ann Hood at Eckerd College’s Writers in Paradise, and in 2016 I studied with Les Standiford at the same conference. I am dedicated to my craft, learning and studying every single day.

You can find my novels on both Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Welcome to The Backwords Writer, my blog on writing, life, trigeminal neuralgia, and my own personal journey toward healing.

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