Overdue in Paradise

overdueOn November 30 at 6:30 p.m., we’ll be celebrating the release of Overdue in Paradise: The Library History of Palm Beach County. The launch party will take place at Mandel Public Library in West Palm Beach. This is a public event listed on the library’s calendar.

The book is comprised of essays about the history of libraries in Palm Beach County, and includes one that I authored about North Palm Beach Public Library.

About the book:

For more than a century, Palm Beach County’s libraries have nurtured and shaped Florida’s unique history. From early residents’ efforts to bring literacy and a love of reading to the vast tropical wilderness of the nineteenth century, to modern-day book festivals celebrating the written word, Overdue in Paradise honors Palm Beach County’s individuals, social institutions, and municipal governments that created a culture of literacy in one of Florida’s largest and most prominent regions. Public, academic, and a variety of specialized libraries developed their own distinctive collections, enriching the lives of residents since Florida’s earliest pioneer days. Palm Beach County’s vast collections of books, media, and reference materials are both a cause and result of its cultural diversity, and have left an enduring legacy on residents and visitors alike.

Overdue in Paradise: The Library History of Palm Beach County recounts the beginnings of many of South Florida’s earliest libraries. This legacy would not have been possible were it not for the valiant efforts of volunteers, professional librarians, and other community-minded Floridians who relentlessly sought out and obtained the resources needed to create collections that would serve their local communities.

Visit the publisher at www.palmango.com 

View the book on Amazon by clicking here.

From the library:

November 30. Local librarians and historians have offered their research and writing talents to capture the wonderful history of Palm Beach County’s diverse libraries. A new book, Overdue in Paradise, commemorates the extraordinary library professionals, community volunteers, and local leaders who collaborated in the early days of Palm Beach County’s rich history to transform grassroots book donations into today’s organized, inclusive library information technology centers. Come meet the authors and editors of this exciting new book. Refreshments will be provided. 

See you there!

One response to “Overdue in Paradise

  1. Hi Rose,

    Congratulations on your new book what a journey you have taken to provide to us such Interesting story of Palm Beach County . Thank you for sharing the information.

    Like always only the best from you. Happy Thanksgiving.

    Love Sonia Pita.

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