Where you go.


I haven’t posted in a while, but then, if I did, it probably wouldn’t be worth reading because all I can think about are my dreams. Once, during a severe trigeminal neuralgia pain attack, I climbed out of my own body and wandered my house for a few brief moments in which the pain was gone. At night, I often leave my body and travel on the other side. Whether you’re a believer or not, it is what it is, and I’ve always had this gift.

Miles knew about it.

Last night, I walked with him– my little brother –in another world where there were long, endless hallways, though some opened up into great outdoor spaces. We held hands.

“I’m okay,” he said, walking on my left side. The spirit side. “I’m really okay.”

“I miss you so much,” I told him, though my soul knows that I can visit him here any time I wish.


Wherever he goes, I can follow, whenever I climb out of my body and travel at speeds undefinable by human definition and experience.

In that place, he handed me a note written on paper that begin to disappear in the wind: I’m okay here, I’m really fine, and you don’t have to worry about me so much, it read.

I feel him around me all the time when I’m awake. His book, Sphere of Influence: An Approach to Self-Defense, is almost complete.

Maybe tonight, when I follow him there, again, I’ll let him know.

But he’s probably already aware.


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