Beginning the year

Choosing Goals and Taking Aim

2014 has been a whirlwind–and isn’t every year? It flies by, and we often forget to give thanks, to count our blessings. Every day, I try to be mindful of everything I am thankful for. It’s a long list.

This past year, I:

Became a full-time freelancer. I now completely support myself on editing and writing, which is exactly what I’ve always wanted to do.

Landed more publishing contracts.

Continued to become involved with Florida history and preservation almost to the point of obsession. But the fact remains, it is one of my number one passions!

I left the beach and went to the mountains. (I’ll be back, Mother Ocean.)

I have gotten to know family members I once thought I would never see again– my sisters, my uncle, grandparents, my dear aunts, cousins, my long-lost older brother, and my niece.

Swore that despite my worsening trigeminal neuralgia– or perhaps because of it –I will continue to do what I love, ensure I am happy, and enjoy my life.

I have met wonderful people, and had wonderful experiences.


My New Years’ Resolutions:

I will have clients who love my work, and who pay me what I deserve. I will make more money.

My books will sell well!

I will never be afraid to do what makes me happy.

I will continue to publish my books, and I will be successful.

What’s your resolution? Remember to choose your goals well, take aim, and fire. You can achieve whatever you desire. Just never give up, and count your blessings every day.

Taking aim in the Poconos on New Years' Eve.

Taking aim in the Poconos on New Years’ Eve.


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