Drop the doctor, bring on the fresh air

Something that has caused me a lot of discomfort recently is fluorescent lighting. I was frightened to go out, but I did it anyway; I don’t want my TN to control my life. We hiked seven miles along the Appalachian Trail, and camped up at the Pinnacle. The next morning we went down a steep decline of one and a half miles (which I’ve hiked in the past) and headed home.

hiking the pinny30

On the way up, the beginning of a 7-mile hike on a gorgeous day.

My pain was greatly minimized this past weekend, and I attribute it fully to the natural lighting and fresh air. It’s amazing how we, as humans, surround ourselves with things that are unhealthy for us, and then wonder why our bodies fall apart so easily.

Nothing could have been better for me than being on top of that mountain. I watched giant millipedes crawl purposefully out from beneath the leaves. A rattlesnake slithered across a rock and hid beneath an overhang. I climbed down into a cave and breathed in the earthy scents.

hiking the pinny7

Building the campfire on top of the mountain, and getting ready for dinner.

We watched the sun set over a boulder field, and saw it rise over the expanse beneath the mountain—over farmlands and roads where tiny cars moved in the distance.

I always dislike returning to unnatural lighting and air conditioning.

The old phrase “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” rings true. The apple is anything that’s good for you—good food is good medicine, and so is fresh air and natural light.

What a great hike on the AT, with wonderful company too.

hiking the pinny6

An incredible view I never tire of. I can see my house from here!


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