Walk your talk

Whenever I go for a run, I am horrified by the amount of trash I see on the side of the road. Therefore, my little corner of the road is probably the cleanest around. Once or twice a week, I pick up trash along Indiantown and usually return home with at least two bags’ worth. There is no need for me to carry a bag with me; I almost always find one or more in the bushes.

As I was walking, I started thinking. I think about all the people who want to make a difference, and all the people who donate to charities and talk about saving the world. I hope those same people are doing something about it. I hope they are actively walking their talk.

michael franti

Here’s a challenge: Anytime you’re bored, don’t flip on the television or sit in front of Facebook clicking “like” on all the nature images you see, and all the pictures that depict quotes about helping the poor or cleaning up the environment. Instead, go outside, walk down your street, and pick up trash. Beautify your neighborhood. Not only are you helping your community, you are walking your talk. You’re doing something positive to improve the world around you. Sure, it’s not a whole lot, but if everyone does just one little thing every day to improve the world around them, then add up all the little things each person does, and everyone together is making a huge difference!Ā 

Don’t get complacent. Don’t assume your small efforts aren’t making a difference. Because if all of us make a small effort, it equals a big effort.

Go out there, and walk your talk.


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