Beach days

I haven’t been to the beach in a while, but my favorite spot is still MacArthur Beach State Park.

John D. MacArthur, originally from Pennsylvania, was a philanthropist and businessman born in 1897. He was an influential land owner in Florida. When he was advised about the environmental impact that development would have on the area that is now MacArthur Beach State Park, he became very proud of the property. It was important to set aside tracts of land to preserve natural habitats; so much growth had taken place, developers were being watched with increased caution. MacArthur was fascinated by the ecological system that was natural to the beachfront property.

Seagulls on the beach at MacArthur State Park.

Seagulls on the beach at MacArthur State Park.

And he was probably pushed along by those who knew they could change his reputation if he went ahead and developed it without their approval.

The land became a state park in 1980, but it wasn’t until 1986 that plans were made for walkways, a parking lot, and a nature center designed to educate visitors on local flora and fauna. The groundbreaking ceremony took place on June 30th, 1988.

The Division of Recreation Director Ney Landrum stated, “The 355 acres of dunes, lagoons, and tropical vegetation enhanced by these facilities, is destined to become one of the great state parks in the country.”

There’s nowhere better as far as I’m concerned. I love being there by myself, wandering the paths, and digging my toes into the sand.

Just thinking of it makes me wish I were there.


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